Reusable Baby Diapers


Making the choice of choosing a brighter future is one we can all respect. The amount of diapers that end up in landfills is a number we can no longer ignore, and using reusable diapers at least half the time, is an investment into your baby's future. Made to be super stretchy and cute, these reusable diapers are you and the planets new best friend. Not only are these the ethically sounder choice but over your child's first few years you will save an average of 400 dollars a year by choosing sustainable instead of disposable.

Suitable weight: 3-5 kg

Age Range: 0-3 months

Age Range: 4-6 months

Age Range: 7-9 months

Classification: Diaper

Material: 5

Model Number: Others

Quantity: 5

Gender: Unisex